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Oxymagic carpet cleaners provide excellent carpet cleaning services. Throughout the lifetime of your carpet, the fibers are subjected to the day to day under-foot grind of typical household spills, dirt, children, pets and after a while it can all take its toll.

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For many years, customers thought the only way to get their carpets clean was to use a steam cleaner – which resulted in carpet that stayed wet for days & sometimes smelled liked mold & mildew.

In the 1970’s a bonnet cleaning method was introduced – which resulted in distorted carpet fibers and really didn’t pull much dirt out of the carpet. THEN Oxymagic revolutionized carpet cleaning! We use a SAFER cleaner we developed for EXCLUSIVE use by our franchise owners. Combine our cleaner and unique carpet cleaning machine that ACTUALLY LIFTS THE DIRT OUT of the carpet, and you have a method that CUSTOMERS LOVE!

Oxymagic feels that its responsibilty is to the environment, and to its customers. Our first thought is to minimize impact to the environment while maintaining the highest quality of cleaning for our customer’s carpets, rugs, and upholstery. We will only use safer solutions to clean our customer’s carpets. We strive to maintain a reasonable price for a superior service to our customers. We vow to adhere to appointment times as humanly possible. Customers are serviced accurately and in a timely manner.

Oxymagic is dedicated to its franchise owners. Our owners are the heart and soul of this company. WE will respect their dignity and recognize their worth to the company.

The Original Since 1998.
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